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Founded in 2003 as a refereed, electronic journal designed to stimulate left-wing sociohistorical analyses of Latin American literature and to counteract the relativism present in poststructuralism and postmodernism, A Contracorriente evolved, shortly thereafter, as a journal dedicated to Latin American studies. It aims to foster intellectual debate about Latin American politics, history, economics, literature and culture from left-wing and Marxist points of view. We welcome essays, notes, interviews and reviews on gender, society, politics, history and cultural studies which depart from the isms since the 1950s and which delve into particular historical, political and cultural moments and explore the role of ideology in Latin America. We publish in English, Spanish and Portuguese and in issues that come out tri-quarterly.


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N.C. State University Raleigh, N.C.
35.7846633, -78.68209460000003

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  1. Terrible experiencia. Despues de meses de haber enviado mi articulo, tuve que insistir para obtener una respuesta. Desafortunadamente, el editor solo me dijo que los referees lo habian desaprobado, pero jamas recibi comentarios especificos o alguna explicacion de porque fue desaprobado. Al final, se los agradezco, porque publique el articulo en una revista mas conocida. Mi comentario no significa que “A Contracorriente” no sea una buena publicacion, solo significa que por alguna razon el o los editores tienen problemas para responder con profesionalismo y en un tiempo razonable.

  2. ¿Alguien sabe si esta revista publica artículos ‘de derechas’? Su política editorial hace pensar que ‘la verdad’ está en las izquierdas, lo cual es bastante discutible para mí (que tampoco creo que esté en ‘las derechas’)

  3. No creo que puedas publicar artículos de derechas: “Founded in 2003, A Contracorriente is a journal dedicated to Latin American studies that aims to foster intellectual debate about Latin American politics, history, society, literature and culture from a left-wing point of view.”

  4. Mixed experience with this journal. The editor responded quickly with very thorough comments (basically a revise and resubmit). However, they take their mission to “counteract the relativism present in poststructuralism and postmodernism” a bit fervently (to my mind) and wanted me to make substantive changes to my arguments and methodologies so that they were directly in line with the journal. I think it’s a remarkable journal that publishes some great interventions in the field, but bear in mind when submitting pieces there that they have a somewhat specific focus.

  5. I had a good experience with this journal, especially in terms of time. It took only about a month to get comments from the reviewers. Once I submitted the revised version, they e-mailed me within a week accepting the article for publication. This is the quickest turnaround I’ve experienced yet.

  6. Excelente revista para publicar. El editor Greg Dawes procura siempre estar en contacto con el autor. Además, los comentarios de los lectores son precisos. Gran experiencia.

  7. I had a horrible experience with this journal. After having a proposal accepted, I completed the work and received comments on my article. I followed each of the comments and then got the article rejected. If you make recommendations to accept a paper and all recommendations are followed, the paper should be accepted or at least make minor additional recommendations. It took 5 months for them to reply with recommendations and then another 3 months to get a rejection by a second reader. A waste of time and effort.

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