Anales de la Literatura Española Contemporánea

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Department of Spanish & Portuguese 1114 West Berks Street Temple University Philadelphia, PA 19122-6090
39.9806224, -75.15277149999997

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  1. An exceptionally managed journal whose directorship understands the importance of expediting the review process for the author in question. Prompt review times, excellent communication with author, and generous reader feedback provided for articles submitted. This is how a peer review journal should be operated. Outstanding in all respects.

    • En mi caso me lo rechazaron a las pocas semanas de enviarlo, aduciendo que la bibliografía usada no estaba updated… cuando el grueso de la misma es de 2013-2017!!! Y es la segunda vez que me rechazan con curiosos comentarios.

  2. I was wondering if you knew any information about where this journal is currently housed? My school library does not currently have a subscription to this journal and I did not have much luck with teh google search (it sent me to a broken link at the U of colorado, and when I went to the Spanish department’s website, the journal was not listed under one of its publications)

  3. I had an excellent experience with ALEC, they are real professionals and very respectful. A quick first round (three months or so, I believe) with very detailed comments from two reviewers who were well-selected, clearly experts in the field. After my resubmission they only took a bit over a month to send a notice of acceptance. The speed with which they act is especially impressive given the fact that all communication happens via prairie schooner.

  4. To my fellow Anonymous from 2/6: There doesn’t seem to be any webpage for the ALEC. If you want submission or subscription info you have to get your hands on a paper copy and peer inside the back cover. Hopefully your institution subscribes, if not, you got yourself a catch-22, my friend.

  5. Great journal and very-well handled. The only problem is that they don’t have a web page, but the journal is now at Temple University.

  6. they don’t have a website and don’t send materials out for blind peer review. i was very surprised to see both readers on my R&R refer to me by my last name in the comments. doesn’t inspire confidence in me

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