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  1. I second that. Their articles are rigorous and original in content (although a bit predictable in their language and structure style), but they can take anywhere between 5-8 months to respond!

    Last year I submitted an article that was rejected. I received feedback from two individuals. As usual in our subjective field, the two evaluations contradicted one another. One was constructive and pragmatic, the other had a nasty-whiney paternalising tone to it, pointing out things that he/she didn’t like, but not providing any substantial reason, just specifying some books I should read.

    Any case, I rewrote and resubmitted to a different journal which accepted it.

  2. They do not keep a backlog and therefore your article will “compete” with other ones submitted for the same issue. However, I agree they have published original pieces of research. They liked mine, but it was rejected with not very convincing arguments. It also took them 8 months to respond.

    Each issue is published in the Fall, and they are open for submission until January of that year. Usually the editorial board makes a decision in June.

  3. My experience with this journal was similar to that of the second commenter: the reviewer’s comments were rather paternalizing, and more mean-spirited than constructive. The journal clearly publishes some good quality work though.

  4. It has come to my attention that the Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies has left the Project Muse collection of journals. I would be grateful if somebody could tell me which publisher will be hosting it in the future.

  5. I had a positive experience with AJHCS. It took about five months for my article to be accepted with only minimal revisions. The article was in print a little over a year after submission, which is a quick turn around compared to some other journals. The staff was cordial and helpful.

  6. The first reader of my article said that “it is definitely worth publishing with some minor tweaking”, and the second one also asked for resubmission, stating that my article “is also well-researched”. The 2 readers clearly wanted my article to be published. However, the editors decided to reject my article, which makes no sense to me based on the readers’ comments. I will never submit anything to this journal again

  7. I have been trying to access this journal and have found it impossible through my university. I am interested in Volume 13, 2009 and particularly those articles under ´Special Section: La Movida de Madrid´. If anyone has access to the PDFs and can send me a copy, I would be most thankful.

  8. Has anyone recently gotten word from this journal? I submitted an article to them last fall, and I still have not received any response from the editor. I understand that I should have received an acceptance, request to resubmit or rejection by June of this year, as per the information they publicize on their website. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  9. I don’t recommend this journal because they don’t seem to have a good set or reviewers at hand. My article was reviewed by three people. Reviewer 1 asked for an R&R, knew the topic well, and gave good, detailed comments (so far so good!); reviewer 2 rejected the article in a very condescending manner and didn’t seem to have read it in its entirety, reviewer 3 accepted it enthusiastically (without revisions) and also did not seem to have read the article in its entirety. Journal decision: rejection. Not helpful and just a sign of lazy reviewers (no. 2 and 3) who are not held to a higher standard by the journal.

    • I think I might have been one of your reviewers. ¡No tires la toalla! Journal publishing is entirely subjective and club-like, especially in a small field like ours. The current in language/theory/topics gets the marks. I´ve had more positive experiences publishing with colleagues and fellow conference panelists. You can submit an idea collaboratively to different journals, for example, . Also, I´ve heard is supportive.

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