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Established in 1998 and located in midtown Manhattan, Bloomsbury USA is a general interest publisher of adult and children’s books which has become known for both its high quality fiction and non-fiction for adults and children as well as its extensive Academic publishing from the world’s most recognized experts.

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1385 Broadway, Fifth Floor New York, NY 10018 USA
40.7526700742567, -73.98764133453369

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  1. Had a very good experience with them. I worked with series editors who were incredibly professional and prompt. The turnaround time from initial acceptance of the proposal and offer of terms to the publication of the book itself was just 15 months. Bloomsbury sent the initial proposal out to two external reviewers, and that process took about four months. Bloomsbury does outsource copyediting, which expedites the process but also means more due diligence on the part of the author. The experience with the copy editors was thorough and professional, however. The literary studies editor has recently taken on wider responsibility and can take a long time to respond to emails, but he is also very receptive to meeting at conferences, should you have a proposal to pitch. As an alternative to university presses, I would recommend this publisher, especially for authors who value the comparatively short time to production while still a highly respected academic press with global reach.

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