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The Bulletin of Hispanic Studies (BHS) has been published continuously from Liverpool since its foundation by Edgar Allison Peers in 1923. In 2010 (Volume 87) the Bulletin moved from 6 to 8 issues a year. It is intended that one issue each year will be a monograph.


Edited in one of the leading British University Departments of Hispanic Studies by an editorial team specializing in a wide range of Hispanic scholarship, and supported by a distinguished international Editorial Committee, BHS is the foremost journal published in Britain devoted to the languages, literatures and civilizations of Spain, Portugal and Latin America. It is recognized across the world as one of the front-ranking journals in the field of Hispanic scholarship.


The journal’s interests are broad-ranging and cover the linguistic areas of Spanish, Portuguese, Galician, Catalan, Basque and Amerindian. While contributions are mainly in the areas of literature, linguistics, cultural history, film and visual arts, cultural and gender studies, it likes to reflect and engage with all aspects of ‘Hispanic Studies’, both traditional and modern. All articles are peer-reviewed to maintain the journal’s reputation for outstanding academic quality.


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  1. I found the turnaround to be much slower than indicated in MLA database. We also had some communication problems (not responding to emails or responding very late). I did however find them very cordial and the reader feedback was equally useful. I would publish with them again if I wasn’t in a hurry.

  2. I have published 2 articles and a number of book reviews with them. They are top quality.
    BHS remains one of the 2 or 3 top journals in hispanic studies. It is a must for any good hispanist to publish with them.

  3. i just sent an article and i was quite impressed by the electronic process they provide for authors. It’s really good and fast. I love when things can be done electronically.
    I just hope that they don’t take very long to respond.

  4. My experience with the BHS was good – they first took about 3-4 months to get back to me, which I thought was pretty standard; the second row was much faster.
    My article was reviewed by only one reader (which I thought was a bit strange, as it’s normally 2 with other journals) and the comments were really helpful.

  5. Very easy online submission process, however after 6 months I had heard nothing regarding the status of my manuscript. I emailed the editors, who responded within 2 weeks – unfortunately with a rejection, but with nearly a full page of (somewhat) useful comments.

    It appears that only one reader had reviewed my article, and they clearly had a very different interpretation of the novel (or had not read it recently!). I plan to incorporate SOME of the suggestions and submit elsewhere.

  6. El proceso para “submit” el artículo es muy fácil y práctico. Su editora general, Claire Taylor, es muy amable y enseguida contesta los emails.
    Sin embargo, no recomiendo la revista por su lentitud. Hace ya dos años que envié un artículo y entre unas cosas y otras aún no ha visto la luz. Asimismo, hay muchos problemas de “comunicación” y desde que me aceptaron el trabajo hasta que pusieron en la web que estaba aceptado, tardaron casi 5 meses…
    Una pena, porque es una de las revistas mejor consideradas en el mundo del hispanismo.

  7. My experience was great. I heard back from them very quickly. I can’t remember exactly how long, but probably a month or maybe even less. The feedback was very positive and did not call for revisions. As others have said, Claire Taylor was very helpful and efficient, as were the other correspondents. It did take nearly two years from time of acceptance to publication.

  8. Totally positive experience with this journal. I had comments from readers in about two months. The online system is easy to use and efficient. After acceptance the article went to production in about a year.

  9. When I check the status of my submission on Scholar One Manuscripts I saw that it had moved from “Awaiting Reviewer Scores” to “Awaiting AE Recommendation.” This has been the status of the manuscript for over two weeks now. Does anyone have any insight as to how much longer the wait will be. I also imagine the status t is neutral (does not suggest acceptance or rejection), but if I am wrong please let me know that too.
    An impatient author

  10. A very positive experience. I sent a manuscript in April and got a Revise and Resubmit (with very helpful comments) at the end of June. When I submitted my revisions, I got an acceptance and more helpful suggestions within two months. The reviewers and the editors are courteous and professional. All in all, it was a positive experience and I look forward to working with them again.

  11. Oh BHS. While their use of Scholar One makes the submission process easier and more transparent, I do not recommend publishing here if your tenure clock is ticking. I waited almost seven months for an acceptance with minor revisions; then sent in a revised version within a month, for which I received a final acceptance within two months. That was 14 months ago. I’ve been stuck in production ever since, despite their telling me that it’s all following their normal process (i.e. at least a year before you even see proofs).

  12. There seems to be a lot of consensus that BHS has a long wait from acceptance to publication, ranging from one to two years, but those comments were posted over several years. Does anyone have any current idea of the wait time? I’ve had an article accepted and I’ve submitted my revisions, and would love for it to be out by the time I’m applying for postdocs next fall.

  13. In my experience, it took exactly a year and a half from the moment revisions were accepted. In my case this happened in July 2015 and the article appeared early on 2017. In the meantime, the Scholar One System provides a formal letter from the editors saying that your article has been fully accepted by BHS and will be published in due time. This is helpful for applications. Last year BHS went from publishing 8 issues per year to 10, so this might speed up things a bit.

  14. I had the same experience as DT. The article was accepted in November 2015 with minor revisions. The minor revisions were accepted in January 2016 and the article came out in early 2017. So it took about a year. But the acceptance should be the important thing for applications….

  15. I have been waiting five months now in order to know if my manuscript has been accepted or not. I emailed them but I had no answer. I am very interested in publishing with them but I cannot understand why it takes so much time just to let me know the acceptance, revisions or rejection…

      • Hi, Barb. I got an answer from them where they explained me the review takes from 6 to 8 months. Finally, after 10 months they emailed me a formal acceptance with minor changes. I am happy to publish with them but timing was hard. However I know they are lauching a cascade journal this year, which might mean more opportunities for publication and hopefully the process will get easier.

  16. If I could always publish with journals like the BHS, I would be relieved. Beyond its reputation in the field, the publication process is streamlined and updates often. My total turnaround to actual publication was about 2 years, which seems reasonable for this type of journal. To get my R&R was about 8 weeks. My reviewers were critical in the best of ways (engaged, offering useful suggestions for changes and extra readings). Highly recommend them with their current editorial staff.

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