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  1. I had a positive experience with them. The decision was quick and the reader feedback was helpful for improving my article, which was published promptly after the final version was accepted.

  2. Alongside Anales Cervantinos, this is the best journal of Cervantes studies. I’ve published two articles with them and it’s always been a positive experience and a valuable addition to my list of publications

  3. I have had one article accepted and another rejected, but in both cases I found the editor to be helpful and professional. An excellent journal for Cervantine scholars.

  4. I had an extremely positive experience. I received helpful reader comments and my article was actually published less than a year after I sent it to them. The communications were very professional and cheerful. I would submit to them again in a heartbeat.

  5. I had a very positive experience with them. Although my article was rejected, they were very professional, friendly, and polite, and I received extensive feedback from three different readers on my article. I am planning on reworking the article and resubmitting it in the future.

  6. One would be hard pressed to find a journal that is managed better than Cervantes. The editor is extremely detail-oriented and pleasant to work with, the readers are experts and provide excellent and thorough feedback, and their time frames are very reasonable. It is very evident that a lot of hard work goes into this journal.

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