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  1. Awful experience in a very unprofessional journal. My article was rejected and they didn’t offer any feedback because journal policy states that rejected articles don’t get reviewers’ comments. Publish elsewhere..

  2. i am responding as the editor of the journal the anonymous author wrote the negative comment about: why would a rejection with no comments be “unprofessional”? many journals do not send authors the reviewers’ comments because there are many authors who submit work to a journal and when it is rejected they use the comments to better the text and then submit it to another journal and this is why we do not send comments; remember that reviewers of papers submitted to journals do not receive any remuneration…; as to your “publish elsewhere” recommendation: well, we receive too many papers to the point that we are unable to publish many good papers…

  3. Wow. Your response (both the tone and the sloppy way it was written) just made me never want to submit something to your journal. But I guess that is good since you are toooooo busy to publish anything good. Wow.

  4. Since 6 of the journal’s 10 “most popular” articles were authored by the editor, I don’t think the problem lies with the submitter. This looks a whole lot like a way to feather the C.V.s of the editor and his friends.

  5. 6 of the journal’s 10 “most popular” articles were authored by the editor?? You have to be kidding!!!

    I do think that a journal has a right not to offer comments upon rejection. HOWEVER, that policy should be stated up front as soon as the author sends his/her submission. There should also be a reason for the policy (such has they want to provide a quick turn-around time). Only under those two circumstances are a lack of comments on someone’s hard work justifiable.

    But the editor provides neither of those justifications. Instead, he defends himself by saying they don’t send comments because they don’t want to author to improve his or her work to send it elsewhere. That is possibly the most self-serving justification I have ever heard. When I have gotten rejections from good journals (not “vanity journals” like this one) I have either been informed that I won’t get detailed feedback from the outset, or I have gotten detailed feedback with the explicit message that the readers are providing the feedback so that I can find a suitable venue for my work. Any journal that justifies its lack of comments with “we don’t want you to improve it and send it elsewhere” (and admits it publically) does NOT deserve your hard work.
    This journal is CLEARLY not interested in helping authors improve their work and advance in the discipline. Rather, it is to advance the editor’s own professional ambitions. Hispanist authors deserve better. Send your work elsewhere!!!

  6. the editor definitely is not a real editor. If you want a quality journal you be sure to collaborate with the people that trust you enough to send you a piece. No matter how good or bad, all deserve comments in order to improve. That is how we in the academia produce knowledge. Unless othrwise said, the spirit of collaboration should be there. Don’t send your work here. They’re too busy being arrogant.

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