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A journal which publishes scholarly articles and notes in Spanish and English. It encompasses the three principal areas of the Hispanic world: Spain, Latin America and the United States. The editorial policy invites the submission of manuscripts which promote an integrative approach to the study of culture and literature. Highlights include: 1) articles and essays dedicated to enhancing our understanding of the aesthetic and cultural expression of the diverse Hispanic communities, including those with a strong base in prehispanic and African traditions, 2) comparative studies of literatures, 3) comparative studies of other art forms, 4) interviews with outstanding figures who have made an impact on the study, expression and promotion of culture and literature. Creative writing is also included.

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University of Northern Colorado Greeley, CO, 80639
40.4075503, -104.6857493

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  1. My experience several years ago was a serious lag of communication throughout the entire process along with an extensive turnaround time for submissions. I do not know if these steps have improved in recent years; if not, this is certainly not a publication where a junior faculty member can expect expeditious handling of their article. Hopefully the experience of authors in the past few years has been different.

  2. My experience here was pretty good. It took a while but if you are patient, they will get to you. I’ve been accepted here twice, so I feel pretty good about this one. Communication with me was good.

  3. Buena experiencia. Si, quizas el proceso es un poco lento pero valio la pena. La recomiendo para escritores que empiezan su carrera.

  4. Les tomó casi un año responderme, pero el artículo fue aceptado sin revisiones y publicado seis meses después. El único problema es que hay que suscribirse a la revista para publicar, y son 70 dólares (creo).

  5. Publiqué con ellos hace varios años. Gente muy profesional, muy puntual. El proceso habrá tomado alrededor de un año, como mucho. Respuesta en seis meses más o menos.

  6. Tired of Waiting  |  

    I’ve been waiting 10 months for a response to my submission and 2 weeks for a reply to my email. It looks like this might be common, but they claim 2-4 month return rates.

  7. That’s unacceptable and an insult to any author. I had a similar experience with another journal…..waiting……waiting…….I sent an email to the director and the nicest thing I said in that email was that she was a total incompetent along other things; she offered me to review my article IMMEDIATELY……I thought that the best I could do was not even bothering to reply to her email.

    If you, director/board, take 10 months + to answer to a revision, you shouldn’t be in charge of an academic journal. Period.

    We, authors, should not send anything to this journal either and support only journals that take our job and months of research SERIOUSLY.

  8. I sent in my article a little over a month ago and received a quick acknowledgement that they had received my submission. I just received word that my article will be published. Needless to say I am very pleased with the quick turnaround.

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