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  1. My single experience was not very reassuring: my article was reviewed by someone who clearly was not well versed with the topic in question; then the Editor sent me an ambiguous notification that seemed to be a rejection of the ms. After I submitted the article for consideration with another journal–Letras peninsulares eventually published the ms–I received a message from the Espana Contemporanea editor asking why I did not re-submit my article in accordance with the reader’s suggestions. I responded that since the reader’s comments did not reflect any expertise on the ms topic, I opted to send to another journal.

  2. Maybe try to contact the associate editor instead. My experience with them was positive, and it is my impression that the journal is working better now. The response to my questions regarding the manuscript took the average timing that other journals request.

  3. I had a positive experience with them, but it did take a whole year to get my article published. Some of the comments were mean-spirited, but most of the were helpful.

  4. Why does this journal not have a web page? I cannot even find the contents of the journal issues on-line. The last issue that appears on Dialnet is from 2008

  5. My library shows volume 23, number 2 (Fall 2010) as the last issue received. Does anyone know whether this journal has closed down? Any idea why España Contemporánea isn’t listed in the MLA Directory of Periodicals?

  6. I had heard that the editor passed away also, and was wondering if they still published.

    I had really positive experiences both times I published an article with them. They had the quickest acceptance rate I’ve ever experienced and they are a well respected journal.

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