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  1. Do not submit any gender studies articles to Hipertexto. According to the editor, their editorial board is tired of reading them. Here is the exact wording:
    Lamentamos comunicarle que hemos decidido no publicar su artículo por razones temáticas, pues toca el tema del género, tema sobre el que hemos recibido unos veinte trabajos para este número y de los cuales hemos decidido no publicar ninguno, pues uno de los objetivos que queremos ir perfilando para nuestra revista precisamente la de abrir cauces a estudios o enfoques no hegemónicos o demasiado abundantes en otras revistas o en números anteriores de la nuestra. Algunos de nuestros lectores están bastante cansados de estudios de gènero y cosas semejantes.

  2. My experience with this journal has been also very positive. Short turn around and good feedback. I also believe that each journal can choose whatever thematic line they prefer.

  3. I sent them an article 4 months ago. About a month ago I emailed them asking if They ever received or how longer it would take. Nothing yet from their part.

  4. I had a very pleasant experience with this journal. I got a positive response 3 months after submitting my articles. The editor seemed very professional and diligent. Highly recommended.

  5. quick turnaround and good feedback. like any other journal, including many a respected publication such as HR, REH, and RHM, the editorial board of hipertexto has every right to define an angle of inquiry.

  6. Extremely fast turn around (one month?) and only very minor revisions. My article was short so they published it in the “Notas” section. It appeared on the website shortly after

  7. Any idea what’s happening with them? No updates since 2014 even though they’ve accepted an article of mine…

  8. I got a reply from the editor! They’re transitioning websites as UT Pan American becomes UT Rio Grande, so even though the issue is complete, they have to wait till IT transfers the whole journal to the new platform. Should be happening soon. She was very apologetic.

  9. Same with me. I also received a editor’s answer with regard to this platform transfer. Nonetheless, I have not received yet any evaluation of my manuscript so far (I submitted it almost a year ago).

  10. I had a negative experience in 2010 and an excellent one in 2012 (prompt, professional communication leading to publication). I just tried to enter their portal, but was redirected to UT Rio Grande’s website, with no mention of Hipertexto. The contents of previous issues appear to have disappeared into cyberspace for now.

  11. Certainly not a professional journal. The editor kept me waiting for two years for publishing my paper, so I took the decision to withdraw my paper for consideration (I’m almost sure that the journal will not be published anymore). Never received peered reviews or feedback. The editor was constantly procrastinating her promise to publish the article and I was naïve enough to trust her academic honesty. Not a pleasant experience at all. A complete lack of respect and an unethical behaviour in academic standards.

  12. I just received an email from a researcher asking for a copy of my article from Hipertexto. Thankfully I had printed a copy for my records. The journal appears to have disappeared from cyberspace.

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