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  1. Es una revista estupenda. El trato con el Dr. Penny y el personal editorial es exquisito. Devolvieron el artículo con sugerencias muy acertadas y mejoró muchísimo. He enviado el producto final como writing sample y me ha abierto muchas puertas.

    El HRJ es una versión más “offbeat” y modernizada de otras revistas británicas con más solera, tipo Bulletin of Spanish Studies (Glasgow) o el Bulletin of Hispanic Research (Liverpool).

    Desde hace unos años sacan un “visual arts issue” donde he leído algunos artículos muy buenos.

  2. I have worked with this journal on several occasions, and have had an excellent, professional experience. If it were up to me, I would only submit work to HRJ because I know how professional they are. If only other journals were run this well!

  3. The editor of HRJ recently changed, and Dr. Penny is no longer in charge. Under the new editor everything has changed, and writers are no longer sent detailed and respectful responses to their work.

  4. They have a very reasonable turn out and I agree some of the articles they publish are brilliant. My experience with their feedback is very negative. Reviewer was harsh and condescending.

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