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  1. I also had a very good experience. My article was rejected, though I was invited to revise it substantially and resubmit it. The feedback was thorough and helpful, and the turnaround time was just under 4 months.

  2. Did you decide to resubmit? I am in in the same situation and am wondering what to do and what the chances are of having it accepted. Do you know if it went to the same reviewers?

  3. I have not yet resubmitted but plan to do so. Because the needed revisions were substantial, they requested that I send it as a new submission, but I am not sure what that means in terms of who will read it or what my chances will be. Sorry I can’t provide more information regarding that process. Suerte!

  4. I was invited to revise and resubmit but no clear due date was given in the editor’s letter nor did I notice one on the submission website. When I logged in again weeks later the website informed me that the revision option had expired. Apparently, I only had 6 weeks to complete this. Since I received the reviewers’ comments in the last month of the semester I wish they had been more explicit. It was a crazy time for me plus I was out of town for several weeks.

  5. I should add that I contacted the editor and received an extension. If you submit to this journal, make sure to check on the due date since they don’t make it explicit.

  6. I submitted a paper to this journal and took about 5-6 months to get rejected. The reviewer’s comments were both excellent and terrible. Excellent: insightful comments regarding structure, organization. TERRIBLE: regarding the content. The reviewer was clearly completely unfamiliar with my field but nonetheless proceeded to strongly–and wrongly–point out things that would have made my paper fundamentally flawed if s/he had been right: for example, s/he claimed I was using incorrect terminology (this was regarding a specific racial category in a particular region)! Of course the reviewer’s critique was out of ignorance but the editor did not offer a chance to respond to the reviewer’s comments.

    But I’m glad I submitted because apart from some very valuable comments from the reviewer, I also learned that there is a risk in submitting to an interdisciplinary journal given that the reviewers can be really off but harsh nonetheless. I revised the paper with some of the reviewer’s comments and it got accepted to an equally, if not more, prestigious journal.

  7. Could anyone share how long it took to receive a decision after submitting revisions? I submitted minor revisions almost 2 months ago and am surprised not to have received news yet, given how quickly the original submission was processed (around 3 months).

    • Thanks to both of the commenters below for sharing the timetables of their experiences. I wanted to follow up in case this information is later useful to others. I did receive a response on my minor revisions around 3 months after submitting them, which, like the first person that responded here, was the same amount of time it took to receive news on my original submission. I was given two 2 weeks for those revisions and another 2 weeks for the last set of minor revisions. I’ve been very pleased overall with the journal.

    • In my case it was rather fast once I submitted the minor revisions. Around one month. Overall, my experience has been quite positive.

  8. In my case, it was exactly the same as with the original submission (around 3 months). They accepted the revisions and published the article very fast. Very professional staff and reviewers.

  9. Wonderful experience with the review process here. Received very helpful and thorough comments on my original submission, revised and resubmitted (had six weeks to do so, but as others have commented, the editor should make that clearer in the original decision letter!). The revised article was accepted with one minor change four weeks after resubmitting, I made the change, and the article was accepted two weeks later.

  10. Elise Dietrich  |  

    Oh dear, I hate to rain on the positive-review parade. I submitted an article in August 2015 with the understanding that they had a pretty quick turn around. It’s now been nine months with no response or review. I have initiated contact with the managing editor about every 3 months to check on the article’s status, and he each time he has responded very briefly saying that my article is still out for review, and that “with the journal’s current submission rate it might take from 9 to 12 months for an answer regarding an article.” I am considering withdrawing, but I’m concerned that I’ll just have to wait again somewhere else.

    • My article was rejected after a 10 month period under review and after much badgering of the managing editor. I only received feedback from one reviewer, who was concerned that I wasn’t citing the correct theory and related literature, including a forthcoming book.

  11. Frances Ufkes  |  

    Hello! I am considering submitting to either Spanish Journal of Cultural studies or the Arizona Journal of Hispanic studies. Paper deals with a view temporary Spanish writer. I am new to this and would value feedback

  12. I have submitted my article. Five months later, and after contacting the editor several times without success, I finally received an answer: five lines from a single reviewer rejecting the paper because the historical/theoretical background of the article was too long.

  13. I do not know if people keep using this forum, but I would like to have an idea how long they are taking in accepting/rejecting a paper. I am asking this because the comments are from several years ago and the situation might have changed. Thanks!

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