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REGS (Revista de Estudios de Género y Sexualidades)/JGSS (Journal of Gender and Sexuality Studies) is the journal of the Asociación de Estudios de Género y Sexualidades (AEGS/AGSS Association of Gender and Sexuality Studies). It is one of the earliest academic journals to be devoted strictly to gender-related issues, women authors and feminist theory in the context of Hispanic literatures and cultures, Luso-Brazilian and US-Latino authors, artists, and filmmakers.
The biannual, peer-reviewed journal was first published in Spring 1975 at the University of Colorado, Denver by a progressive group of largely Latin and North American women scholars and writers working in US universities and colleges, and has been published without interruption since then. In addition to critical articles on gender or gender-related topics, REGS features unpublished work by Spanish, Latin American and Latino/a authors, poets and playwrights, interviews with writers, artists, filmmakers, and critics, and a substantial book review section in every issue.
REGS is sponsored by AEGS/AGSS and the Department of Romance and Classical Studies at Michigan State University.

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  1. I have a forthcoming article in a special issue of Letras femeninas (Spring/Summer 2010). I had a pleasant experience publishing here. The turn around time was very quick. Since I was submitting for a special issue, I submitted an abstract and was told within a month whether it had been accepted. I was given from May to October to write the article (more than enough time). I received comments from three readers in November and made changes to submit in late December. The process was very professional, yet cordial and helpful. Letras femeninas is a top-tier journal in hispanic studies and is the premier feminine letters journal in the hispanic world. My professors have been very impressed that I was able to place a paper in that journal and suggest that it is nearly as significant as a paper in Revista Iberoamericana, Revista Hispánica Moderna, or the Hispanic Review. Personally, the only slightly disappointing experience publishing with this journal is that I thought the reader’s comments could’ve been more critical. I liked my article, but thought that there may have been some areas that needed improvement. Nonetheless, I strongly encourage fellow hispanists to publish in this journal as it is both a top-tier journal and an enjoyable publication experience.

  2. This journal reviewed my article very quickly. They only took two months. Although my article was rejected, the reviewer provided respectful and honest feedback. Much like the person above, I think that the comments could have been more critical. Despite my rejection, I would submit to this journal again. I have much respect for it.

  3. While I initially got comments back quickly, and revised to resubmit, the second review took a LONG time and then it was 3 years before the article was in print!

  4. Muy buena experiencia. Rápidos, eficientes… Incluso las correcciones. Un placer trabajar con ellos. Es una lástima que no todos sean así…

  5. Any recent info about review time, specifically for general submissions, not for special issues. Many thanks.

  6. They are efficient, great comments, and the editor is friendly and professional. My timeline has been within 6 months for submission to review of comments.

  7. I had an excellent experiencing publishing here recently. The article went through a revise and resubmit process but was eventually accepted. Very professional and timely. Article was in print within a year of submission.

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