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A peer-reviewed, open-access online journal dedicated to publishing scholarly essays that engage topics in connection with Spanish, Latin American, and US Latino literatures and cultures.


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Dept. of Modern Languages Texas State University Centennial Hall 214 601 University Dr. San Marcos, TX 78666
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  1. An exceptionally managed e-journal with very prompt turnaround time on articles and good reader feedback provided with decisions rendered. Generally a 3-6 month period between initial submission and publication, assuming the article is published.

  2. The first time I submitted an article to Letras hispanas, I never received an email back to say that it had been accepted or rejected. When I saw that the issue I had hoped to be in had been published, I contacted the editors who then told me (of course) that my article had not been accepted. It then took them several months (and various emails) to get reader comments back.

    However, my second (accepted) submission went swimmingly well. Quick feedback, excellent turn around, and great readership. So I don’t know what is normal for this journal, but I had a great experience second time around.

  3. I just had a very interesting experience with them. I submitted my paper in October, and never heard anything.So I happened to look online today and there my article was. It looked like they had done some minor re-editing, but I found it surprising not to receive an email saying that it had been accepted or asking me to make the corrections myself.I have not had that happen before, but since it has gotten good reviews here, and the statistics in the MLA database say they are selective, I will not second-guess my sending the article there.

  4. Update: I did receive an email last night informing me that the article had been accepted and apologizing for the delay, citing technical difficulties. That is understandable, and we all know how crazy the beginning of the semester can be.

    So in reality I received an email notification within 24 hours of discovering the article online.

  5. I had the same experience with them as Christine. They published my article but forgot to tell me about it. 🙂 I’d rather have that than have an article rejected and not know. 🙂

  6. Letras Hispanas is moving to Texas State University, under new management. The journal has been on hold for a few months because of this transition, but the new editors have started contacting authors about their submission. The new website will be operational starting in January.

  7. Excellent experience. Quick turnaround, good feedback, and an easy editorial process. A good benchmark for how an online journal should be run.

  8. Excellent experience as well. I submitted my article in Sept 2012 and heard back in February 2013. The feedback from readers was very helpful and the editor was easy to work with. The article was published in May 2013. Good turnaround and professional treatment.

  9. I see their website says submissions should have author’s name, affiliation and email on the first page. Does anyone know how blind their review is?

  10. My experience with Letras Hispanas was fantastic. The whole process was handled with the utmost professionalism. I received an almost immediate acknowledgment of receipt of my manuscript submission. Within a couple of months I received very detailed and somewhat helpful feedback from the blind peer reviewers. There was a lot of attention to formatting and minute editing process. The publication appeared only a few months after submission and sending a revised version. I would highly recommend this journal not only because of the overall professionalism of its staff, but also because of the visibility that the journal is getting.

  11. Muy mala experiencia. Una de las peores de mi carrera. Tardaron ocho meses en contestarme, algo a todas luces inaceptable para una publicación que presume de profesionalidad. La contestación incluía los comentarios de unos lectores que evidentemente, ni entendieron el artículo ni estaban familiarizados con el tema y ni con el campo. Al menos, eso necesito pensar, ya que entre los “consejos” estaba la inclusión de obras críticas de la década de los ochenta, como si en los últimos cuarenta años no se hubiera publicado nada sobre el tema de la memoria y de la identidad. Lo que si ya me pareció una falta de respeto y una tomadura de pelo fueron los comentarios acerca del “estilo lingüístico” de mi artículo. Y digo tomadura de pelo, porque a los seis meses de enviar el artículo, cuando me pongo en contacto para saber el estado en el que se encontraba mi artículo en el proceso de revisión de la revista, recibo un correo del editor que transcribo a continuación: “Lo siento que este proceso es tomando más tiempo que te esperado. Nos esperando para uno más evaluador para volver su opinion. Cuando recibimos eso opinion, te contactaré inmediato con una decisión definitiva. Otra vez más lo siento sobre este.”
    Me parece muy bien que Letras Hispanas se preocupe por el “estilo lingüístico” de sus artículos, pero es evidente que ese preocupación debería comenzar por su propia casa, cuando editores que representan a su revista no tienen un español de nivel 300. En fin, que si no tienen prisa y les apetece enviarles un artículo, adelante. Pero en el caso de tener el tenure cerca, ni se molesten. A no ser que se puedan permitir los ocho meses de espera…

  12. I did have to wait about five to seven months (depending on whether or not you include summer) before receiving feedback, which seems to be par for the course for this and most journals. The comments I did receive were excellent and quite thorough. I was given comments from three readers who were all familiar with the works I analyze in my paper. While the article was not recommended for publication in Letras Hispanas as is, the readers provided very detailed suggestions on how to improve the paper for resubmission with LLHH or elsewhere. I’m not sure I’d send something to this journal if I were pressed for time, but the feedback I was given was definitely worth the wait, and I am enthusiastic about resubmitting to another journal.

    All of my correspondence with the editor was very professional, and the process seemed to be double blind (i.e. the readers referred to me as “the author,” using “his/her” and “he/she” throughout).

    I am posting my experience so soon after the last post because I think it is important to have a variety of perspectives (both positive and negative) when considering which journal to submit to. I wish there were more dialogues like this happening with other journals.

  13. This is a very bad journal. Their editors are rude, and they have no respect for the writers. No wonder they are sending mass emails asking for help. Terrible journal

  14. Muy mala experiencia, desconcertante. Dos evaluadores. Uno dijo que se publique prácticamente sin cambios. El segundo fue mucho más crítico, pidió revisiones substanciales. Empero, la revista lo rechazó .

  15. I sent in an article on November 4 and received the evaluations on Dec. 10! I’ve never had such quick turn around. The article was rejected but both readers gave good feedback on how to improve the article. I really appreciated the format of the review: strengths and weaknesses. I was a little confused, as both readers said the article was “candente” and “convincente” but I guess that happens. Really pleased with comments and quick turn around.

  16. Una de las mejores experiencias que he tenido con revistas académicas. Los comentarios fueron útiles, los editores amables, y todo el proceso fue, en general, excelente.

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