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  1. One of the best publishing experiences I had. I sent my paper just on time for the Spanish Issue due date, and I got an answer a month later. I got the proofs two months after the initial submission and the article came out the presses 5 months after that. Overall, a wonderful experience. This is an extraordinarily well-managed journal; the communication with the editor was always expedite and very professional. One of the best journals out there. Highly recommended.

  2. Agreed with first comment. Get the article in by Sept. 15 and you’ll have an answer by November or so. Article should be out by March although sometimes there are minor delays, but nothing more than a couple of months. Easy to work with, very professional, great turnaround.

  3. To previous entry: And because?… Such statements without justification come off as completely arbitrary or as if a “mole” from MLN were posting these comments…

  4. They don’t give any comments when they reject your article, with the “excuse” that they don’t have time before their issue appears. A rejection with no explanation whatsoever does not help in any sense to the profession.

  5. I have also had a very positive experience with this journal. Very professional and extremely efficient. The articles I have read in this journal are significant contributions to the field and are well written. In my opinion, this is a top notch venue.

  6. Although they claim that they don’t give comments on rejected articles because of the fast turn-around time, it still took them about three months to get back to me with a rejection. It would be nice if they would change the policy and give comments in all cases since turn-around seems about the same no matter what.

  7. To those who submitted: does this journal do a double blind peer review? I did not see any instructions on their website. thank you!

  8. Efficient, excellent, and professional experience. I submitted an article for the Hispanic issue in August and got a confirmation that it was received the next day. As indicated in that e-mail, they got back to me with a final decision in November. I was fortunate enough to be accepted for publication and the feedback and edits they offered were outstanding and hugely beneficial. Highly recommended.

  9. The Hispanic issue of MLN does not do blind peer-reviews. The editors review and make decisions on manuscripts knowing who the author is.

    • That is a fairly serious allegation. What is your proof? Do you know someone who works/studies at JHU? They have rejected me more than once (admittedly) but to be fair the articles both required extensive revisions before they were published elsewhere.

  10. In regards to the questions above. This is how I know: I asked the managing editor about the review process and I was told MLN does not send manuscripts out to reviewers. Instead, articles sent to MLN will be reviewed by the four members of the Hispanic Issue editorial board.

    I don’t think this is a “serious allegation” as I am just sharing what I was told openly about their review process. I read this journal regularly and I think they publish good work.

  11. Not double-blind review. After several months in “review” process I was informed the “editors” rejected the article. They did not give any sort of feedback whatsoever. Avoid.

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