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  1. My experience with this journal has been great. My article was accepted for publication three weeks and a couple of days after submitting it and appeared in print four months later. (And yes, it’s peer-reviewed.) This was within the last year.
    The editor responded to my emails in a very timely and professional manner.
    One disadvantage is that the journal is not listed on the MLA directory of periodicals. (Though neither is the JSCS, for that matter, so perhaps the directory needs to be updated).
    I would certainly consider sending material their way again.

  2. La verdad nunca he escuchado de esta revista. De todas las demas del blog sabia aunque sea de oidas. No es mi intencion faltar al respeto pero, contara esta publicacion para el ‘tenure”?

  3. In response to the July 3 posting above, the author needs to consult with his/her department chair, institution’s tenure-promotion guidelines and campus tenure-promotion committee to determine:
    1) what criteria your institution reinforces for publishing venues;
    2) if a list of “recommended” refereed jounals exists for publishing faculty who seek promotion;
    3) any other institutional guidelines regarding tenure and promotion.

    Bottom line: there is much inconsistency among institutions in their approach to assessing faculty publications. Each faculty member needs to inform his/herself extensively regarding his/her college’s expectations. There are no “universal” rules in this regard.

  4. I would also say that the “tenure value” of this or any journal depends on the argument that can be made. In my case, Ometeca is a great journal because it is oriented towards, and of interest to, those who work on the intersection of science and the Humanities in Hispanic literatures and cultures. Its readers are exactly the people who ‘should’ be judging my tenure case. (We’ll see if that proves to be the case.)
    I made this argument to my chair and he seemed to agree.

  5. Alicia Rivero  |  

    The comments below about the _Ometeca_ journal not being indexed by the MLA are incorrect. According to Cengage Learning, both in their May 2011 and more recent May 2015 xls files, the journal was indexed by the MLA; they list it by name and by its ISSN# 1041-3650. See the older and the newer . Furthermore, if one searches the current, online _MLA Bibliography_ and looks under the keyword “Ometeca,” there are 118 entries there as of March 2016.

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