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Purdue Studies in Romance Literatures publishes books on topics of literary importance that make a significant contribution to Romance scholarship. Studies are written in English, Spanish, or French. Our authors tackle topics in French, Italian, Luso-Brazilian, Spanish, and Spanish American literatures, commenting on current trends in these fields.

The books in the series publish and promote research in the Romance languages and enhance graduate education. They address a wide range of topics, including seventeenth-century literature, poetry, the novel, drama, film, women’s issues, cultural studies, and textual interpretation. The series includes the first book by some scholars, the last book by others, and everything in between. Our authors paint word pictures of scenes as diverse as the world of the Spanish comedia and the Comédie Française, native populations in South America, World War II in Italy, dictatorship in Portugal, and the attacks in New York and Madrid in 2001 and 2004. We have devoted several books to studies that contrast Spanish American and Luso-Brazilian cultures and literatures.


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