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  1. I submitted an article in August 2010, but I have not received their feedback and it’s the end of January 2011. It’s just frustrating when a journal does not stick to their stated time frame (one month for in-house review, six weeks for outside readers). I submitted my article thinking they were efficient, I wanted a fast turn around, but it’s close to six months. They do have a new editor, perhaps the change in editor caused back up. If you do not want your article sitting at a journal for almost six months, then send it elsewhere.

  2. Dear readers and potential contributors to the Rocky Mountain Review journal, published by the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association,

    Many changes have been made in the journal since these comments were made in 2011. As of January 1, 2013, the headquarters of the RMMLA has moved from Washington State University (WSU) to the University of Northern Colorado. We have published the Spring issue of the Rocky Mountain Review, Volume 67, Number 1 here in Colorado and we have rewritten the criteria for submission of articles and reviews, which you will find on our website at We have a new Senior Editor, Dr. Jose Suarez, Professor of Spanish and a new editorial staff at UNC. We do understand the importance of quick turnaround on articles submitted to the double-blind jurying process, and of letting contributers know what revisions need to be made to their articles to be acceptable for publication. If you’d like to examine a recent copy of the journal, I’d be happy to send you one free of charge so you can judge the quality of the articles for yourself. Our journal is available in hard copy and online for members, as well as through the JSTOR system. We welcome your submissions and your questions, contact us any time.
    Joy Landeira, PhD
    Executive Director RMMLA
    Managing Editor, Rocky Mountain Review
    Professor and Chair
    Dept of Hispanic Studies
    University of Northern Colorado
    Greeley, CO 80504
    (970) 351-2162

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