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  1. This journal has been great so far about keeping me informed.First, the editor wrote me informing me that, should my article be accepted, it will not be published until early 2011, so if I wanted to send it elsewhere, I could. Already, i thought that was pretty nice.

    When I responded that I was more concerned about the submission-notification timeline, the editor wrote back to ask if March 15 would be too late (it is February 8th when she sends this). She then said that if it was then they could expedite the review process for me.

    Even if my article does not get accepted, I am impressed with how they have communicated with me so far.

  2. Esta revista es un ejemplo a seguir en varios sentidos: la calidad de sus artículos, el comité editorial y, especialmente, la buena gestión de su editor. En todo momento han procurado informarme, con lujo de detalles, acerca del tiempo de evaluación, la fecha estimada de publicación y otros aspectos relacionados con la preparación del manuscrito. Merece la pena destacar que, en mi caso, el tiempo transcurrido entre el envío del manuscrito y la respuesta de los evaluadores fue de cuatro semanas.

  3. I also had a very positive experience, very similar to those above. After sending my article in, the editor contacted me letting me know they received it. After two months, they got back to me with an accept.

  4. I just received a friendly letter from this journal saying that they had a backlog of submissions going well into the end of 2011 and could not accept my submission. They sent my hard copies and return postage back to me.

  5. Excelente experiencia. Sus comentarios fueron oportunos y su respuesta expedita. Recomiendo ampliamente mandar aqui sus publicaciones.

  6. Echoing the comments above, my recent experience both with Romance Quarterly and with the editor have been extremely positive. Throughout eight years of submitting work to both national and international journals, my experience and interactions with this journal have been among the absolute best. Right from the beginning, they maintained a consistent and clear line of communication regarding the status of my submission, and I received a notification within the promised time frame, something which is often a rarity with many journals. Not only did the editor contact me within the promised timeline, but the reviewer comments attached were both extensive and extremely helpful in order to further develop my work. I certainly got the feeling that the editor and the journal staff as a whole really take the time to carefully consider each contribution, and treat each submitted piece with a high degree of professional respect. I would certainly recommend Romance Quarterly without a shadow of a doubt, and the level of professionalism, attention to detail, and efficiency should be a model to follow for all academic journals.

  7. I too had a very positive experience with Romance Quarterly. Upon submitting, the editor replied and even commented on the importance of the author and subject matter which to me communicated careful consideration regardless of the outcome of peer review. I was given an accurate timeline as well as the opportunity to withdraw my submission given a backlog of articles. Even with said backlog, the potential timeline was much better than most journals. The reviewers gave very detailed feedback and were knowledgeable about my primary work which–while not totally obscure–is not particularly well known among generalists. Throughout the process, the editor and staff were quick to reply and I was most impressed with the level of professional courtesy by all involved. I highly recommend this journal given its quality and excellent editorial staff.

  8. ¿No se supone que la revisión de pares debe tener al menos dos lectores/as? Mi artículo solo fue leído por una persona, quien lo rechazó. Estaba en desacuerdo con la premisa de todo el artículo.

    • The Romance Quarterly peer review policy consists of securing three outside reader reports. If we have two very detailed and complete reviews and the third is significantly overdue, we may occasionally go ahead and make a decision in order to move the submission through the review process in as timely a manner as possible. We ‘desk reject’ any submission that does not fall within the parameters or mission of the journal within 72 hours of receipt, but the RQ never makes publication decisions based on one report if the submission has been sent out for peer review. We cannot recall any submission to the RQ being rejected after one reader report being filed and would encourage any author with questions about the process to write directly to the journal at, where we engage with peer review issues openly and directly.

  9. I had a very positive experience with this journal recently. Quick turnaround, especially relative to other places at the moment. Very thoughtful and supportive communication at every stage of the process.

  10. I had a very positive experience with this journal recently. Quick turnaround, especially relative to other places at the moment. Very thoughtful and supportive communication at every stage of the process.

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