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A quarterly journal of criticism in modern literatures originating in languages other than English. Founded in 1946, the journal is housed in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics at Syracuse University. Scholars of literature will find research on authors, themes, periods, genres, works, and theory, often through comparative or interdisciplinary studies. The journal publishes unsolicited essays as well as periodic special issues. Most issues include reviews of recent critical monographs in modern literatures. Although primarily in English, issues can include discussions of works in the original language.

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Dept. of Languages, Literatures & Linguistics Syracuse University Syracuse, NY
43.0391534, -76.1351158

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  1. Symposium has indeed recently changed editorship and added more members to the Editorial Board to ensure expertise in all areas. Even though this is a Modern Literatures journal and includes articles in French, Italian, German as well as Spanish- there are usually one or two articles on Spanish and/or Latin Am. lit every issue and there recently have been special issues on Contemporary Peninsular Lit and Latin American Theater. Turn around time is within 4 to 6 months.

  2. The good: lightning fast turnaround time. Relevant feedback on style.

    The bad: Minimal review consisting of one brief paragraph. It dismissed the article in rather pedantic terms and left me with the impression that s/he had not read the paper.

  3. Overall my experience with this journal was positive. I received timely feedback from three reviewers. Though they were split in their decision and the article was ultimately rejected, the feedback that I received from one reviewer in particular was extremely detailed and helpful. This person was very generous with his/her time. I wished I could have thanked them directly.

  4. Not high profile but they publish an excellent mixture of cultural studies and more traditional literary studies articles. Was recommended by my advisor, a prominent hispanist.

  5. Mark P. Del Mastro  |  

    (posting for an anonymous author): I had a great, great experience with this journal. The turn around time from submission to acceptance was less than 6 months (it was a total of 8-10 weeks for a response of “accept with changes”), and the article came out less than 3 months after that. All in all, wonderful. The evaluators’ remarks were right on and very fair, but also keen. I was pleased on all levels.

  6. Excellent experience. The reviewers’ comments were thorough and informed. The editor was cordial and timely. This journal is highly respected by literary scholars in Spanish and other romance languages.

  7. I had a great experience with this journal. The communication with the editor was cordial and timely. Readers were well informed about the topic and provided excellent feedback to improve the article. The paper was published 8 months after the submission, which is pretty fast in comparison to other journals. My overall experience was fantastic.

  8. I agree with the most recent comments above (since 2015). Turn around time was quick and the publication experience was very positive. I highly recommend this journal.

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