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The Comparatist is a sponsored journal of the Society of Comparative Literature and Arts. It has appeared in print annually since 1977. The University of North Carolina has published the journal since 2005.

The Comparatist has traditionally published comparative work involving literary and cultural movements, literature and the arts, relations between European and non-European literatures, and inter-American literary exchanges. More recently the journal has also focused on the third world, Afro-Caribbean, and Central European literary phenomena. The journal provides a forum for literary comparatists, one that encourages interplay of intertextual and comparative methods, of theoretical-historical analysis, and of critical interpretation. Each volume includes a section devoted to a special theme as well as a section for articles of general interest.

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  1. Though a comparative literature journal by trade, they are very open to Hispanists. I know the current editor personally and have worked with this journal in several capacities (published articles and book reviews there). It is a great place to publish and these are very professional folks. Highly recommended.

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